Kelli’s House | SPRING 2019


About Kelli Vogelgesang

Kelli Vogelgesang is the co-founder of a truly custom, boutique home building firm in the Western Suburbs of minneapolis, Minnesota. Born and raised in Naples, Florida, She now resides in Eden Prairie with her husband, two children, and the family’s dogs. a real estate developer and designer, she finds inspiration from her love of developing custom homes, travels, fashion, beauty, and textiles. Kelli has an innate ability to create and adorn lifestyles Whether it be decorating a coffee table, planning a dinner party, or styling her sister’s look for a social occasion. A lover of femininity with an appreciation of masculinity, her work has lasting appeal and sophistication at its roots. At the same time, she loves to take risks and cause an emotion.

Kelli’s Curated Spring 2019 Collection

Spring is an endless source of inspiration with the cold winter season behind us. We ease into the light: lighter wardrobes, lighter schedules, and lighter outlooks. I look forward to festive holiday gatherings, city outings, travel, and (of course) transitioning our homes and wardrobes for a fresh new perspective. I am a Taurus through-and-through, so I always default to a textural and neutral palette. in my opinion, neutrals are investment pieces for both, your home and your wardrobe. luckily for me this season, nudes are all the rage. I do not shy away from evoking an emotion or an impactful punch of color in my aesthetics, so here, we have a curated collection of spring pieces which have me swooning for both—you and your home!